February 2, 2007

yahoo vs. google - a theory

I work in the online marketing space, and I like to think I know my stuff about the industry. That said, I decided some time ago to place a bet on Yahoo. The company's been faltering a bit, and there are many valid doubts about the company's management and monetization technology. However, beyond the short term skepticism, I think the company has the most important components -- audience and advertiser base -- to succeed.

While Google's stock has been doing lights-out since its IPO, its reassuring to see that some other people see the potential in YHOO as I do. Here's an interesting stock analysis that cites a theory about the upside of both Yahoo and Google's stock. If I had the money, I'd also own Google stock as I think its success is for real, and enduring. However, its not that fun to own 8 shares of GOOG in my IRA.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional stock picker, so follow my investing lead at your own peril!

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