February 20, 2007

washboard abs is only a call away

Flipping through the current issue of Money magazine. The focus is on Baby Boomers, and to reinforce some of the attributes of that generation, there's a feature story on how to look younger.

There's stuff about hair transplants, teeth whitening, Botox, etc. What caught my eye was the part about fat and, particularly, abdominal etching. I had never heard of this but there's now a procedure where a doctor can suction out your fat via lipo, and then sculpt "grooves in the remaining fat layers to give you washboard abs without the work."

I'd sign up, but then again, the cost is $3k-$10k on top of standard lipo, which (according to the magazine) is $2k-$15k. I don't think that'd be a great use of my retirement money. =P

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