January 18, 2007

cash back credit cards

Up until recently, I was a big proponent of cash back credit cards. You didn't get a whole lot back per purchase, but after a while, the 1%/5% breakdown would add up to a decent amount. In fact, I actually hit my $300 limit on my Citibank dividends card in 2006. But I’ve lately been using my rewards cards that give me miles on United and/or points with Starwood. This was somewhat due to the joy I experienced when booking my Asia flight on miles alone. I love free stuff, especially when it comes to travel. And it was also due to the fact that Citibank recently changed their cash back percentages so that it’s a lot harder to get the same amount back.

Since I stopped using my Citibank card, I have about $28 stuck in my cash back account. Unfortunately, since u can't ask for a cash back check unless your balance is $50 and up, I guess it’s just going to sit there for a while.

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